Commercial Steel Buildings

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Commercial Steel Buildings

We supply and construct more steel framed buildings designed specifically for commercial uses internationally, that any of our leading competitors. Our high quality, bespoke steel buildings can be accurately adjusted and tailored to suit you or your business’ specific requirements. We supply a large number of custom structures which have been perfectly created for commercial purposes such as MOT centres, vehicle storage facilities, vehicle valeting units, spray painting bays, car dealership showrooms and many more.


All of our commercial steel framed buildings have been designed and constructed using only the highest quality materials and technology. Our exceptionally trained engineers strive to provide you with impeccable service and construct your very own, beautiful structure in the most efficient way possible. Listening to our customers, individual requirements and expectations is the most important thing to us here at Steel Buildings International. We will always ensure, from the very first design to the development of the construction, that your steel framed building meets your business’ requirements in the most effective way possible.


Each section of steel used to construct your customised building is completely galvanised, ensuring the very highest quality is achieved and maintained throughout the entire process. All of our steel framed buildings comply with building standards and regulations of your local authorities. Ultimately, we promise to provide the most cost-effective commercial steel building solution possible, without compromising on quality service and materials. Our customer service team are on hand and ready to provide you with more information.


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